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The EAP/ESP Showcase is now up and running on Pinterest.  It collects EAP/ESP bloggers from around the world.  It has been expanded to include websites.  It has recently been updated.  If there are any more to add please leave a comment at the end of this post.  The more we are connected the more we can exchange with each other.  An interesting addition to the showcase has been The EAP ARCHIVIST:



The Archivist takes articles and examines them through the lense of what it means for EAP courses and practitioners.



An ongoing EAP Discussion at Teaching EAP this week


This week’s ongoing EAP discussion has been around a post written by Andy Gillet entitled EAP and publishers: the danger of teaching EAP for no obvious reason.  This has centered around the production of EAP coursebooks by large publishers and whether they were relevant to the needs of EAP.  Many comments were and are still being left on this topic.  Such discussions have included:


  • how much the coursebooks cover the actual needs of teachers
  • how to approach material development through a corpus approach
  • the possibilities of  open source wikis as a possible avenue for material exchange
  • what people have learnt from coursebooks
  • where coursebooks fall short

Any has just posted an open invitation to comment further on the following:


It’s interesting that many people say they have learned from course books. I’d be interested to know what people have learned from coursebooks. I’d also be particularly interested in what people have not been able to learn because it’s not in the coursebooks.

So if you are interested go over and join the conversation.




One of the biggest chat on #EAPCHAT was the TPACK model for technology use in our learning environments.  Adam Simpson brought  this to the table last week and it sparked a lot of interest.  For an explanation of the TPACK model visit Adam Simpsons’ blog on Teach them English for The #TPaCK model: An Introduction.  This post also received interesting comments.  For a practical application of TPaCK in an EAP environment visit, Ssh It’s a Secret.  Secret Facebook groups in the English Language Classroom.  This post also has the original TPaCK article.




For those considering a long term career in EAP, it might be worth investigating the MA Teaching English for Academic Purposes from the university of Nottingham.  The advantage of this MA is that it is a distance learning course.  For more information click here






  1. Adam Simpson says:

    Thanks for the mention. I saw a great presentation by Gary Motteram this weekend in which he discussed how teachers more from content knowledge to pedagogical knowledge, not necessarily then recognizing the need to put in the same effort for technology.

  2. Great job rounding us all up. One minor point: it looks like I’m pinned twice.

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