Howard Gardner (the father of multiple intelligences) Read-a-thon

Each year I have a reading theme for autumn and winter and this year after listening to Howard Gardner, Hobbs  Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education,  speak at a conference I have decided to read as many of his publications as possible.  Who is he?

BIO & CURRICULUM VITAE Document Type (click to open)
Brief Biography (Adobe PDF)
Short Vita (Adobe PDF)
Long Vita (Adobe PDF)
A Blessing of Influences
An excerpt of an autobiographical essay published in Howard Gardner Under Fire.
(Adobe PDF)

He has may interesting insights not only in education but psychology and society to name but a few.  Below is a comprehensive list of his works:


The 25th anniversary of the publication of Howard Gardner’s Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences (Adobe PDF)
Five Minds for the Future (as presented in January 2008) (Adobe PDF)
Multiple Lenses on The Mind (Adobe PDF)
How MI Theory Fits into Traditional and
Modern China (by Dr. Jie-qi Chen)
(Adobe PDF)
Transmission and Reception of MI Theory in China (by Dr. Zhilong Shen) (Adobe PDF)
M.I. After 20 Years (Abobe PDF)
Ethical Responsibility of Scientists (Adobe PDF)
Three Meanings of Intelligence (Adobe PDF)
A Multiplicity of Intelligences (Adobe PDF)
Interview with Steen Napper Larsen (Adobe PDF)
Multimedia and Multiple Intelligences (Adobe PDF)
Technology and Multiple Intelligences (Adobe PDF)
Response to EdNext Critique of MI Theory
Written by Mindy Kornhaber
(Adobe PDF)


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