Three new projects/discoveries for 2012




Well we are definately into the new year.  We are just over 3 weeks away from TEDxSabanciUniversity hence the lack of posts although I have three to four in draft form.  With this post I wanted to share a discovery and two new projects:


1-Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day-Blog Carnival

I was reading a blog post by Adam John Simpson called Thanks for the nomination…now don’t vote for me when right at the end of the post he slipped in that he would be hosting the 27th EFL/ESL/ELL Blog Carnival. That got my interest.  So I followed the link and discovered that different peoplehave been hosting the Blog Carnival around a theme related to teaching English.  Bloggers share posts based on this theme.   David Deubelbeiss has just published the 26th EFL/ESL/ELL Blog Carnival around the theme of fun. 



A group of us, Adam John Simpson, Tyson Seburn and myself have started a new adventure called EAPChat.  We realised that there was a need for teachers of EAP to get together to be able to discuss issues relevant to EAP and ESP around the world.  Our first chat will be on Monday 20th February at 1pm Eastern Standard Time & 8pm Central European Time. #EAPChat is an ideal opportunity for all of us working in English for Academic Purposes and English for Specific Purposes to come together and to share, collaborate and discuss about Academic English. You can suggest topics, then vote on them and finally come and discuss with colleagues from around the world.


To join the EAPChat facebook page click here



This is a more personal project.  In my other life I write children’s books and am developing toys and activities for kids.  As a part of this I spend hours researching what is available in the field.  I have decided to open a blog to share what I have found and find in the world of children called Ways2Play.  This has also come about based on the journeys I have been through as an educator.  I beleive that play is vital and powerful. There are many ways to play, not just one standard way.  If you want to know more about Ways2Play you can visit my new site at Ways2Play.


You can also like Ways2Play on our Facebook Page here


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